-HITOIKI- 『ひと息』

Art Documentary of Kosuke Masuda’s Sumie -HITOIKI- : Created by Kei Hompo / Music by Masahiko Todoriki / Artist Kosuke Masuda

増田孝祐の墨絵『ひと息』 制作:本保慶 / 音楽:等々力政彦 /出演:増田孝祐







情報過多は、人を囚われの身にする。 彼の「一息」の中にあるものの中で、観る者は自由になるだろう。


~”HITOIKI” - Kosuke Masuda’s Sumie ~

As a Buddhist monk, writing calligraphy using sumi ink, brushes, and washi paper are the tools he uses daily. Kosuke draws scenarios with bicycles like he writes calligraphy.

The word HITOIKI means “single breath” in Japanese. Kosuke seals and completes his Sumie work before his single “breath” is out. With a breath, his vision will appear and he lures that image onto washi paper again and again.

Regardless of the techniques used, whether it be metal carving or Sumie, Kosuke’s works are intuitive and intricate, which creates a clear and sharp effect. His works are then rendered complete by the person who views the piece and through their perception, creates a relationship to the artwork itself. Therefore, whether it is a piece that doesn’t have specific details or a piece where intricate details are taken to its limit, it is entirely up to ones personal relationship that the viewer creates with his pieces.

Excessive amount of information can trap people and limit what they see. Within Kosuke’s world of “HITOIKI”, people can be set free.

(Text/Kei Hompo)